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Sport Institutions by Type

Given the importance of sport at the global level, and in view of its various benefits that include health and recreation and its economic, tourism and cultural returns from the perspective of promoting rapprochement among peoples, the State of Qatar has paid great attention to sports and youth. It has invested heavily in supporting and developing the sport sector in the country with modern facilities and establishments, as well as in the forming professional and amateur athletes and encouraging citizens - whether males or females - from childhood to acquire and promote sports hobbies of all kinds, with a particular focus on youth. This is in order to build a generation of sport excellence.

This Data Sets Contains the Statistic For Sport Institutions in Qatar By Type For The following periods 2015/2016 - 2018/2019

Source of Data:

  • Ministry of Culture and Sports
  • Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  • Private Gyms
  • Hotels

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